Our Vision

We enable healthcare systems to cope with the diabetes pandemic, while achieving the best possible outcomes for patients.

Our Mission

Ensure the translation of research into policy actions towards better diabetes care at national level.


We have taken notice of the European Commission’s Interim report of the Mission Board for Cancer and we were surprised by the fact that diabetes was described as a lifestyle disease. This statement does not reflect the scientific evidence and suggests diabetes to be a mere issue of lifestyle, and thus of minor importance.

A call to action

We call out to all stakeholders in the diabetes landscape, on a European and national level, to collaborate to advance the agenda of diabetes and advocate for policy change. Unite behind this Call to Action which outlines the urgent and problematic diabetes situation in Europe, the underlying causes, and the directions for solutions. Together we need to enable healthcare systems to cope with the diabetes pandemic.

Who We Are

The European Diabetes Forum aims to improve outcomes for people with diabetes, and unite stakeholders from across the diabetes landscape in Europe. This includes, policy makers, research, scientific societies, patient organisations, nurse associations, institutions connected to diabetes related co-morbidities, industry, governments, regulators, payers, and many more.

Our Role

We will provide the platform for these stakeholders to collaborate and to improve how we, as societies, manage diabetes and jointly advocate for policy change that enables our healthcare systems to cope with the diabetes pandemic. We will support European and national stakeholders in driving a policy conversation, take concrete action to improve diabetes care, and provide a central point of contact for diabetes policy in Europe.


Executive summary of the EUDF launch event report.

Board Members

Our Supporting Organisations

The EUDF is thankful for the support of the following organisations.


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