Partnership with Supporting Collaborators 

The partnership with Supporting Collaborators provides companies with the opportunity to support the EUDF objectives in a financially, ethically, and transparently collaborative spirit.

For more information on Partnership with Supporting Collaborators, please see below, download the info sheet or contact [email protected].

EUDF Objectives

  • Provide an international powerful and cohesive platform in which diverse stakeholders are working together to further the improvement of diabetes prevention and diabetes care;
  • Enable healthcare systems to cope with the diabetes pandemic while achieving the best possible outcomes for people with diabetes;
  • Ensure the translation of research into policy actions towards better diabetes care at national and international level; and
  • Defend, represent, and promote in the broadest sense of the word the common interests of its Members. 

EUDF Strategy


EUDF aims to achieve its objectives primarily through projects in the fields of education and advocacy. EUDF will develop, alone or in collaboration with third parties, initiatives to support the cooperation between members and/or stakeholders to: 

  • Exchange, collect and distribute information on diabetes, diabetes prevention and diabetes care, collect and analyze statistical data;
  • Address diabetes issues through the development of policy actions at national and international level;
  • Develop and coordinate joint projects of Members on diabetes care;
  • Disseminate information and issue publications and communicate on the activities and achievements of EUDF;
  • Organize and arrange congresses, seminars, workshops, and other programs and gatherings at international and national levels; 
  • Participate in European Union or other public authorities’ programs, calls for proposals of the European Union, national governments or other public and semi-public authorities, and in general to apply for grants from the European Union, national governments or other public and semi-public authorities; and
  • Cooperate with and assist other initiatives and/or organizations having a purpose similar to the purposes of the Association, as well as other regional and/or international initiatives and/or organizations. 

Supporting collaborators

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