Diabetes Community Pledge

Ahead of the June 2024 European parliamentary elections, the united diabetes community has developed the ‘Diabetes Community Pledge’. This pledge is the cornerstone of the Diabetes Community Campaign. 
The community asks European policymakers to take action by creating a strong EU diabetes policy framework supportive of national diabetes action plans.

A training about the European elections, the changeover process and the campaign is available below, please use the passcode  8%!oH2T= to access the training video.

21 European countries unite in the EU Joint Action JACARDI

A new four-year project called the Joint Action on Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes (JACARDI) was launched in Rome on 27 November 2023

European partnership to combat type 1 diabetes receives €23 million IHI funding

In a groundbreaking collaborative effort, academic researchers, industry leaders, and charities have joined forces to combat Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) with the support of a €22 million grant from the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)

Recent law for national pediatric screening for type 1 diabetes approved in Italy

On September 13, the Italian Senate unanimously approved a law allowing the detection of type 1 diabetes in the paediatric population

A letter of support

For people with diabetes, healthcare providers and citizens living in countries facing wars and natural desasters

Climbing for Life

Every year, the Belgian diabetes associations Diabetes Liga and Association Du Diabète participate in the Climbing for Life event, which raises money for Diabetes as a charity.