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EUDF/EFPIA webinar

25 May 2021 and October 2021

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EUDF/EFPIA webinar series: Investigating the syndemic threat of COVID-19 and chronic disease: The diabetes case

25 May 2021, 10:00-11:30 (CET) - Part I: Unlocking the potential of the European Health Data Space to improve diabetes management in crises and beyond - Register here

October 2021, (date/time TBC) -  Part II: Drawing lessons towards a more integrated care model for people living with NCDs 

EUDF Symposium

4 June 2021

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EUDF symposium at the ATTD conference on 4 June 2021, 20.05 – 21.35 (CET) - Self-care, digitalisation and technology: how to scale up and promote best practices?

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EUDF Symposium

29 September 2021

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EUDF will organize a symposium on Data, Registries and Outcomes at the 57th EASD Annual Meeting on 29 September 2021, 14.00-16.00.

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Recent Events

Webinar hosted by MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes

25 February 2021

Blueprint for Action on Diabetes in the European Union by 2030 

Webinar launching the MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes Blueprint for Action on Diabetes in the European Union by 2030 with MEPs Sirpa Pietikäinen, Christel Schaldemose, Marisa Matias and Cristian Busoi.
These are the priorities and recommendations: reduce the risk, integrate care, enable access to quality care. To enable this there is a need to engage & involve people with diabetes, harness the power of digitalisation and data and conduct research into all types of diabetes.
After the presentation of the blueprint, Bastian Hauck moderated a panel discussion with Jill Farrington (WHO Europe), Cajsa Lindberg (diabetes advocate), Ioana-Maria Gligor (DG SANTE, European Commission), Niti Pall (IDF Europe), Chantal Mathieu (European Diabetes Forum), Marisa Matias & Sirpa Pietikäinen (European Parliament), Tobias Wiesenthal (DG CONNECT, European Commission) and João Filipe Raposo (Portuguese Diabetes Association).

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Read the blueprint summary
View the MMD website for more resources

Webinar hosted by EFPIA

20 November 2020

From silo budgeting to financial integration: Where does the EU stand in diabetes care? 

Lessons learned from an EFPIA/The Economist Intelligence Unit study 

Integrated diabetes systems, comprising horizontal and vertical integration, present an opportunity to reduce the fragmentation of care, ultimately increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of diabetes services. The following calls to action are based on a scorecard benchmarking the level of service, IT and financial integration in 28 European countries, plus discussions with experts in diabetes management and integrated services.

These are the policy priorities for achieving effective and efficient integrated diabetes systems: 

  • Engage people with diabetes to put them at the centre of integrated diabetes services
  • Align or pool budgets to enable clinical integration, reduce fragmentation and deliver patientcentred care 
  • Establish evaluation mechanisms to facilitate continuous monitoring and improvement of integrated diabetes systems

Read the full report
View the full scorecard

Webinar hosted by IDF Europe

17 November 2020

How to build a better future for diabetes nurses in Europe?

Every year, World Diabetes Day (WDD) is a great occasion to raise awareness of the escalating health threat posed by diabetes at the European, national, and local level. Diabetes remains a huge and ever-increasing challenge in Europe. We need integrated care for better health services for European citizens. Diabetes needs to be higher up on the political agenda and diabetes nurses deserve greater recognition in Europe.

IDF Europe organized its first virtual symposium hosted by MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen and MEP Christel Schaldemose. The first session consisted of a case study on the situation of diabetes nurses in Germany, presented by Dr. Gottlobe Fabisch, Director, Verband der Diabetes-Beratungs- und Schulungsberufe in Deutschland e.V. (VDBD). The second session, chaired by Ms. Anne-Marie Felton, President, Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND) and Professor Nebojsa Lalic, Vice-Chair of IDF Europe presented the highlights of the FEND survey on The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetes Specialist Nurses in Europe and of the IDF Europe Survey on the impact of COVID-19 on people with diabetes. Results of the surveys were shared by Dr. Rita Rita Forde, FEND Research Fellow, King’s College London, and Ms. Sabine Dupont, IDF Europe Senior Consultant, Policy and Projects. The re-establishment of the MEP Interest Group on Diabetes, MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes (MMD), was also announced. It will be launched officially in January on the first day of the Centenary of Insulin campaign.

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EUDF Symposium

23 September 2020

Digital Health: Hope for diabetes in an uncertain and challenging world?

What role can digital technologies play in improving the quality of care for people with diabetes? How can European and national decision makers enable better care for people with diabetes through digital health? What are some of the hurdles that stand in the way of exploiting the full potential of digital health solutions? These were a few of the major questions up for discussion at the EUDF Symposium, which was held as part of the virtual EASD Annual Meeting on 23 September, 2020.

As the Chair of the EUDF Chantal Mathieu explained, the European Diabetes Forum’s dual vision is to help European healthcare systems manage the diabetes epidemic, while achieving the best possible outcomes for people with diabetes. Digital health is an important part of the solution for both of these mandates. The benefits of digitalisation for diabetes resides both in the promise that it will improve the outcomes and management of care, and also that it will help people with diabetes lead a better quality of life.

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Watch the full sympsium recording
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Webinar hosted by EFPIA

18 September 2020

Understand diabetes, rethink diabetes, share solutions - Are we doing the best we can for the 60 million Europeans living with diabetes?

Diabetes is Europe’s silent health pandemic, but is the diagnosis, treatment and management of diabetes getting the focus it deserves? Patients endure the relentless task of managing their disease, acutely aware that it develops and changes over time, with connected diseases emerging possibly later in life, such as amputations, heart attacks or strokes.

At the same time, health systems are not currently set up to prioritise chronic conditions and improve outcomes for people living with diabetes. It is time to rethink how diabetes care is delivered.

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Webinar hosted by EFPIA & EUDF

11 June 2020

Diabetes and COVID-19: when two pandemics meet - Rethinking health systems: integrated care and empowerment of primary care

While COVID-19 is particularly challenging for at-risk groups like people living with diabetes, it has accelerated integration of care and uptake of digital health. In this virtual event, experts explored what we have learned from the current crisis and how we might improve diabetes care in future as a result. 

Moderated by Nick Fahy, Researcher in Health Policy and Systems at Oxford University, the event featured the following speakers:

  • Chantal Mathieu, Chair EUDF
  • Bastian Hauck, IDF Europe; CEO, Dedoc Labs GmbH
  • Sara Cerdas, Member of the European Parliament
  • Francesc Xavier Cos Claramunt, Chairman Primary Care Diabetes Europe
  • Maurizio Guidi, Co-Chair of the EFPIA Diabetes Platform; External Engagement Leader Lilly Diabetes

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